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Doggers Heaven - Bringing UK Doggers Together Since 2009

Doggers Heaven - Find Doggers in your area tonight. Meet in our adult dogging chat room online free. Find out where your local dogging locations and car parks are near you. Watch dogging couples (doggers love people to watch) or join in!

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A warm welcome from everyone here at Doggers Heaven in the UK. This is a doggers dating site set-up by doggers to boost dogging in the UK. It's free to get involved so come on in. Our app users are all very discrete and they live in the UK. We are a friendly bunch and we are always happy to welcome new doggers.

Bringing Doggers Together Since 2002

Claim your free Doggers Heaven membership and get dogging locally tonight. It is very easy to find dogging partners. Our app users really enjoy looking at dogging photos, flirting and chat. Hundreds of profiles with dogger photos.

Your First Dogger Encounter

OWhen you first visit to a new dogging site, don't rush forward, hang back a little, wait to be invited to take part. You can watch of course but to take part you should wait to be asked. Relax and start getting involved by reacting and making some motion or noise. It's simple enough - you know what you are doing!

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To get started you only need an email address. It's free to search through dogging profiles and contact other doggers. You will get most interaction if you can include a photo. It doesn't need to include your face unless you want it to. But, certainly, include some photos of your body, either clothed or unclothed. It's free, unless you decide to upgrade to our VIP package which gives you further options. Get started meeting doggers near you tonight.

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